What is the difference between joints or spliffs and blunts?

There’s more than one way to smoke your favourite herb. Along with bongs, pipes and chillums, many cannabis lovers enjoy the art of rolling their weed.

Joints, spliffs and blunts are all varieties of rolled marijuana. For those who are new to rolled marijuana, it can get confusing trying to tell the 3 apart.

So what tells the 3 apart?


Joints and spliff can be rolled pure or mixed with tobacco. They are rolled traditionally using papers made of materials such as hemp, rice, flax and wood pulp, although its not uncommon to find artificially flavoured ones as well.

Rather than using rolling papers, blunt use tobacco paper aka cigar paper instead. Due to the interaction of the tobacco and the weed, blunts have a reputation for being heavy hitters. The paper used for blunts is usually bigger than rolling paper, and therefore requires a greater deal of ganja than spliffs or joints.

Because tobacco paper burns slower than rolling paper, it usually provides a more extended smoking session with a longer lasting high – making blunts great for sharing.


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